As part of the application requirement, Molecular Visualization SURF students must select a faculty mentor at FBRI affiliated with the program.

Scientists within the multidisciplinary environment at FBRI complement their research with state of the art molecular visualization approaches to answer biological questions. The diverse research community of the FBRI provides not only a rich intellectual environment, but also the opportunity for hands-on experience in application of a broad complement of imaging technologies.

Each student will undertake an independent research project within the laboratory of a FBRI faculty member whose research interests are listed below (names link to faculty web pages):

John C. Chappell, PhD 

Shannon Farris, PhD

Carla Finkielstein, PhD

Robert Gourdie, PhD

Scott Johnstone, PhD

Stephen M LaConte, PhD

Samy Lamouille, PhD

Konark Mukherjee, PhD

Jenny Munson, PhD

Y. Albert Pan, PhD

Steven Poelzing, PhD

Stefanie Robel, PhD

Sharon Swanger, PhD

Zhi Sheng, PhD

James Smyth, PhD (Molecular Visualization SURF Director)

For more information, or if you need assistance selecting a mentor, please contact:

James Smyth PhD

email: smythj@vtc.vt.edu